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Lotteria della Befana Advs: estratti i biglietti vincenti

Domenica 6 gennaio, in piazza San Francesco, si è svolta l’estrazione della Lotteria della Befana 2019 di A.D.V.S. Fidas Ravenna, i donatori di sangue dell’Ospedale di Ravenna.


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lotteria advs Teriyaki Burger - Burger - Copyrights © Lotteria 2019

Lotteria vs. McDonald’s – myHUBS

Between McDonald’s and Lotteria, I would say that Lotteria has a much more unusual menu. Some of their more surprising options are a Vegetable Rice Bulgogi set which is a burger that has a bun made of rice instead of bread. They also have something called a Jjamppong Burger (짬뽕버거) which appears to use instant ramen (라면) noodles as the buns for the burger.

Chicken - Lotteria

lotteria advs Venerdì in Piazza San Francesco a Ravenna si è svolta l’estrazione dei biglietti della Lotteria della Befana 2017 promossa da Advs Fidas Ravenna, i donatori di sangue dell’Ospedale.

Lotteria Korea Home Delivery (Burgers and More) – Modern Seoul

lotteria advs Lotteria is a chain of fast food restaurants in East Asia that grew out of its first shop in Tokyo, Japan in September 1972. Taking its name from its parent company, Lotte Corporation , it currently has franchises in Japan , South Korea , Indonesia , Vietnam , Cambodia and Myanmar . [1]

Advs, Lotteria della Befana 2019: i biglietti vincenti

lotteria advs Sabato, in piazza San Francesco, si è svolta l’estrazione della Lotteria della Befana 2018 di Advs Fidas Ravenna, i donatori di sangue dell’Ospedale di Ravenna.


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Lotteria della Befana Advs 2018, tutti i biglietti

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Lotteria ADVS Fidas: consegnato il primo premio …

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