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Venetian Painting: History, Characteristics - Art Encyclopedia
Lorenzo Lotto goes back to being protagonist in the Marche region, his chosen land, in a very special year. In fact, 2018 has internationally put the spotlight on him.
The time has come for one of the most fascinating and
An inventory of the wardrobe of the Apostolic Palace of Loreto, dated 1563, mentions at least seven paintings by Lorenzo Lotto, passed to the sanctuary after the artists oblation in 1554. In 1580
Lorenzo Lotto, Portrait of a Woman as Lucretia (Lucretia lorenzo lotto apollo dormiente
This article lists people whose artwork has been featured on stamps of the United States. For this purpose "featured" is not limited to complete works but includes any identifiable representation of …
Lorenzo Lotto "Il Richiamo delle Marche" - LORENZO LOTTO lorenzo lotto apollo dormiente
Lorenzo Lotto (1480-1556) The most interesting and individual of Titians contemporaries is Lorenzo Lotto (1480-1556) who, though Venetian by birth, broke away from Venice and the strong local influences which might have robbed him of his own strange personality, and …
Lorenzo Lotto’s 16th century portraits come startlingly lorenzo lotto apollo dormiente
Lorenzo Lotto´s wedding portrait of Marsilio and Faustina Cassotti, Apollo, 2009, pp. 48-55. Garrard, Mary D. , Brunelleschi s egg : nature, art, and gender in Renaissance , University of California Press , …
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Sleeping Apollo, Muses and Fama – Lorenzo Lotto. Portrait of Crossbowman – Lorenzo Lotto. Pieta – Lorenzo Lotto. Nativity of Mary – Lorenzo Lotto. Holy Family with angels and saints – Lorenzo Lotto. The Presentation of Christ in the Temple – Lorenzo Lotto . Portrait of Fra Gregorio Belo di Vicenza – Lorenzo Lotto. Portrait of Giovanni della Volta with his Wife and Children

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